3D print the strongest plastics in the world.

The new AON-M2 lets you build with high-strength thermoplastics like PEEK, Ultem™, and more, at a fraction of the cost of competing industrial solutions.

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Industrial 3D printing with advanced materials, made accessible for the first time.

The mission of AON3D has always been to facilitate creating parts that would otherwise be unfeasible - either financially, or technically. The all new M2 lowers the barrier even more by providing the essential features required for printing high performance polymers, at a fraction of the cost of comparable industrial machines.

Robust materials.

Use advanced polymers like PEEK, Ultem™, and a wide range of other engineering plastics that can replace metals and endure harsh chemical environments.

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Built for industry.

The AON-M2 3D printer is built with robust materials and high quality motion components to ensure accuracy, reliable operation, and a long service life.

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Finally affordable.

Outsourced manufacturing solutions are often financially unviable. The AON-M2 lets you solve your engineering and design challenges in-house, saving time and money.

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