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Print full scale components using high-end production grade thermoplastics like PEEK™, ULTEM™, and more with the AON-M 3D printer.

AON-M Build Chamber

Built for Professionals

With a massive 18"×18"×24" build volume, heated chamber and print bed, hot swappable build plates, and dual tool-heads, you can print large runs of multi-material parts faster than ever before.

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On a large desktop printer we could barely fit 4 parts at a time – with the AON-M we were doing 12+ at once using the dual heads and the large build plate. Jay Evanovich CEO/Co-Founder, Performance 3D
Soluble Printing Supports

3D Printing, designed for industry

The AON-M lets you affordably build parts out of high-end, production grade thermoplastics. Increase the usefulness of your prototypes, or build end-use components.

Advanced Material Support

Print in any 3D printing filament on the market — from PLA and ABS to the most advanced materials such as PEEK and ULTEM™.

Heated Bed and Build Chamber

Build large parts out of high-end materials and avoid warping and cracking with 1800 watts of chamber heating.

Independent Dual Tool-Heads

Print up to 4x faster printing large jobs in tandem with dual, independently controlled tool heads.

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Build stronger parts

The AON-M has been designed from the ground up to process high-end materials. Print with PEEK, ULTEM™, and more.

Multi-material flanges
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AON3D lets me print with engineering grade thermoplastics such as carbon-fiber reinforced PEEK at an order of magnitude less cost than was previously possible. Max Howlett 3DXTECH 3DXTECH

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